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eKEY Professional - Agent Training
An overview of eKEY with a concentration with eKEY Professional.

To get the most out of the live demonstration, please make sure you have your eKEY authorized so that you can follow along. If you do not have it downloaded, please go to your app store and download. Once downloaded, select Authorize eKEY App > select "I need to request an authorization code" > enter either your email or mobile phone number you gave your organization on file > enter your PIN Code (this is provided from your organization when setting up your account and getting assigned a key) & then tap on submit. You will either receive an email or text message with your authorization code. For further assistance, copy and paste https://youtu.be/MAldbWKx2NU into your chosen browser for the "HOW TO" video for authorization codes.

Training times zones:
*8:30 am Pacific Time
*9:30 am Mountain Time
*10:30 am Central Time
*11:30 am Eastern Time

"Organization" is your Association/Board/MLS name.

This Supra class is limited in size. If "Registration is Closed" is displayed, the class is full. Please visit our Agent Landing page by copy and pasting this into your browser at https://pages.e2ma.net/pages/1768018/27305 to find future offerings of this class.
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