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Managed Access (NMA & SA)
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Non-Member Agent (Listing Agent) video
Non-Member Agent (End-User Agent) video

Single Access (Listing Agent) video
Single Access (End-User) video

Real estate agents know it takes a whole team to make a sale. Supra now offers a simple way to provide controlled access to your listings for associates such as contractors, stagers, and inspectors.

Supra’s Non-Member Agent & Single Access key, part of the managed access ser

Managed Access - Non-Member Agent (Listing Agent) vice, provides convenient and secure access for individuals who require limited one-off or occasional entry to properties. Authorization is granted by the listing agent via the eKEY® app for one-time lockbox access during a designated time window. Agents can prepare multiple properties with ease, for example, sending stagers to one location and a plumber to the next. Supra’s Non-Member Agent & Single Access key is designed for use only by infrequent users who need one-time access to a listing.
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